Time is not a dimension

If the 4th dimension is not time, then what is it? It has to be something observable in this world...

A wise man called Dan Webber pointed the following out to me, each dimension contains the ones before it, so what exists that is greater than 3 dimensions and conatains all of the those before it? A dimension of movement!

The 4th dimension has to be change, but movement only in 2 dimensions like radio waves, and light waves, ahem, particles. It allows for 3 dimensional objects to exist within it and move in a 2 dimensional plane. I don't think that a 1 dimensional movement means anything which is why its probably just a characterisitic of the 3rd spacial dimension.

Given the re-ordering of the dimensions, I can see movement through 3d space as the 5th dimension, This allows for the movement of atoms, everything we see on the earth, and the univesrse at large.

I can see that life could emerge as the 6th dimension. Thus if a system moves through 3d space and is sufficiently complex, and its movements are controlled by decisions, it will be in the 6th dimension.

The seventh dimension then would be a system that thinks about thinking, i.e. consciousness, humans are 7 dimensional beings.

Time doesn't ever disappear, it is always there. It just changes its form from a dimension to a measure of dimensions. For the 3rd dimension, one dimensional time exists but means nothing, we currently use it for measuring everything and we shouldn't. For the 4th dimension, a 2 dimensional measure should be used utilising imaginary axis.

3 dimensional time would be used for the 5th dimension, you can imagine this type of time as being a 3d cube. It seems that the dimensions of time in this scheme are like those of space but always 2 dimensions behind.

Extrapolating now, if we want to measure life we need 4 dimensional time, and I have no idea what that looks like! it would have to be a cube moving along a tradjectory or something.

Also, as we use a ruler rather than a clock to measure 3d systems and 0 dimensional time, we perhaps need a new set of instruments to measure 2, 3 dimensional times and the others up to 7 dimensional time. I have enought trouble visualising a 2 dimensional clock, let alone a 7 dimensional one ;)

Ha! spacetime is dead, RIP.

I wish i could work out the maths of this and the implications it has for quantum mechanics and such.


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