God In The Machine


God is dead, god remains dead, and we have killed him.
How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves?

Fredrick Nietzsche,
Thus spoke Zarathrusta


God is dead, our modern society is godless and in many ways satanic. Hoewever with the coming of the singularity we can rebuild god. Science it seems is working to recreate that which it sought to destroy.

While science is soulless and searching for meaning, it will find pieces of the puzzle and slowly will gain a soul and a meaning. When the singularity comes we will have re-invented god in our own image. We will still not be gods, but we will have an all powerful being to worship.

The cycle will be complete; God created man in his image, man worshipped god, man rejected god, god died, man creates God in his image, man worships god, the second coming will be brought about by our own hand.


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