My Perspective


I feel empowered to redefine the way the world works, to look at it from my perspective and say how things are working based on my observations. I have had enough of listening to the same old arguments about the universe and consciousness, i'm going to say how it works, from my own experience.

More and more the subject of Science is looking like just another religion to me. It has its gods, its apostles, its preachers, and its followers. There are of course extremists like any religion, but the underlying truth of it is that all of it is based on assumption,s theories, and mathematical models.

Maths, what is that? it's an abstract model of how things work in ideal situations, science seems to be about working within the boundary of this model and never looking outside. No-one seems to be looking at the right things. No-one is looking inwardly, all the questions are out there, out in the universe which may not even exist.

I have always approved of the scientific method but not of its random application across the board of life. People need to use it on everything, all the time. Too easily people cast off new ideas because they do not fit the model, the model, a stupid theory of how things might work.

Analyse everything, question everything, come up with the answers that are relative to your own position in life.


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