I've just read this idea by a guy named C.C. Keiser that combines all of my current thoughts into one named theory; Poly-Solipsism.

Solipsism is the belief that you are the only real person, the only one truely alive, and everyone else is something like a robot with artificial intelligence. You are a God in a world of your own making but you have forgotten your true nature. You are a king among pigs.

Poly-Solipsism is the same basic idea, but it allows for others to be real, instead of robots. It allows them to believe the same thing as well. So each person alive truely believes they are the only one in the only universe, but they are not. The distinction bewteen the people in poly-solipsism is the idea that consciousness cannot be shared, this is observable by each of us in our everyday lives.

It is because of this that the theory says we interact in a world where many universes converge. The idea that we are gods of our universe also has an impact on the nature of the world we observe. To believe we are gods means that we can construct the world at our will, however when we are sharing the space that we control with others. Our beliefs conflict and can cancel eachother out. Experience here will firm our beliefs positively or negatively and affect others, so we have a situation where the world is as I created it less the bits that others created.

I feel this to be very true and very observable, something that modern science is not addressing, it's all based out there in the cosmos, and not here in the life experience we are having.


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