Cloning and the Media


The technologies behind cloning exist and have been used. The latest breakthrough is the fertilisation of an egg without a sperm. A random cell from an adult is used instead, and one pair of chromosomes is ejected by the egg so that its own may be used.

Although cloning is in its early stages, the potential to be used on humans is always there.


The Clone Misconception

The Mass media have produced moral tales of human cloning and the perils therein for years and years. However they never explain a fact which to me seems simple, and is not presented to the public, who as we know are stupid on-mass. This leads me to believe that the general public, have a misconception about cloning. The misconception is that cloning brings you immortality.

Cloning technology is based upon replacement of the original. By this i mean that to clone something, you take its DNA, replicate it in a new host and the new host is identical to the original. However the new host clone is not the original, it is a new life.

Even if the clone could have all of the thoughts and memories of the original implanted in it, it is fundamentally a different life. If you are a person that believes there are physical and spiritual parts to everything in the universe, then we are dealing with two sprits here.

Arnie in the 6th Day

Death of a Clone

So if someone is killed, and a clone of that person is made, the person will not be reborn in the clone, although to others it may seem that this has happened. The clone will act, respond, feel exactly the same about things as the original but it is not the same life, the original is still dead. relatives may or may not be happy with this!

This is not a viewpoint that the media have put across to the public in films or tv shows. So i am quite sure that there are millions of people who think that cloning yourself is the way to live forever. They don't realise that when you die, you still die.



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