Earth 2

The Geek shall inherit the earth. Albeit earth 2, a virtual planet inside of cyberspace.

I have been wondering where online gaming will go, and what will happen there. I have seen that the geeks from earth 1 will spend so much time online, that they will end up replicating their own world online. Here they can live out all of their fantasies and be the heros and villians that they cannot be in real life. I don't know if technology will ever be able to allow them to upload themselves into a game, but certainly it will provide them life support to aid an online existence in the not to distant future.

Life on earth 2 will be like living in a movie, and you will be able to play at any number of roles from secret agent to renagade starship captain, or lap dancer to mob boss. It will be far more entertaining that the real world, but it will not be for everyone. The Geeks will be the first to go full time and they will be able to afford their virtual lives from within the game through its financial markets, as well as it's black markets. Others may come and go on a less permanent basis while holding a job on earth 1, others still will be technophobes and will continue to live in a society that restrains and oppresses them, they will be very unhappy people.

This earth 2 simulation where anything is possible without personal injury is part of the collective will of society to errode personal liberty and stop people leaving their homes. their bodies will be in bondage but their minds will be freer than at any other time in history. It's a strange balance that we seem to be heading for, but we are definately going that way, people don't want to be sitting in offices doing mind numming repetative jobs, they want to be out exploring and adveturing. It's too expensive to do it in real life so the virtual one will do very nicely thankyou.




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