Understanding the Brain...


Immanuel Kant is one of my favorite philosophers, one of the things that he wrote about stuck with me. Kant said that humans will never be able to understand the human brain because it is with a human brain that we are reasoning.

I feel the need to extend this statement as follows; the only thing that could understand the human brain, is a higher intelligence.

There currently exists no such intelligence however it is conceivable that computers will soon become more complex and powerful than a human brain, not necessarily a higher intelligence, but a simulacrum of one. 

We do not understand fully the rules by which our brains work and potentially never could on our own, because we lack the brain power.

If computers end up more complex than the human brain then they could fully understand the brain by mapping its neural pathways. Once this is done the computer could reasonably determine the next step that a human would take in a given situation. 

If this could be achieved and proven to be a realistic model, then computers of this magnitude could potentially predict the future and wind back into the past.

It is possible then, that causality is real and free-will is a human delusion!


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