The Feral Beast

Well it had to happen at some point, the use of the news by our government has been admitted and what's scary is that they want more control over how the news is reported.

Today Tony Blair said that he had tried to "court" and "assuage" the media in the early days of his government and this may have contributed to the problem today. Yeah no kidding, now you just tell them what to say!

He did his level best to point out how bad the news reporting is in this country and make a case for taking control of it himself, saying:

fierce competition for stories meant that the modern media now hunted "in a pack". In these modes it is like a feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits, but no-one dares miss out. The result was that the media was increasingly "and to a dangerous degree" driven by "impact" which was, in turn, "unravelling standards, driving them down,"

Painting the news as an out of control beast was just the start, despite the government already messing with the media they want to stop people saying bad things about politicians:

There will often be as much interpretation of what a politician is saying, as there is coverage of them actually saying it, The current regulatory system, in which broadcasters and the press were subject to different rules and bodies, would need revision as internet broadcasting blurred the line between TV and newspapers.

The damage saps the country's confidence and self-belief, it undermines its assessment of itself, its institutions and above all, it reduces our capacity to take the right decisions, in the right spirit for our future.

Okay, here's a thought, if the government and big business did the right thing by the people, would the news have anything bad to say about them? No, truth is, both of these groups are corrupt and they don't like it when bad news gets out, too many loose ends and ways of finding them out exist now thanks to the internet, so it's time to shut them down!

There is only one feral beast in this country making trouble and screwing the public over. Fortunately he won't be here much longer, and this is the last ditch attempt at the new world order for this dying and increasingly desperate animal.

I'm not looking forward to the future of the freedom of the press, which is already severly hampered by an increasingly dictatorial leadership. What's next on the agenda? Too many words in the dictionary?




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