Oppressive Management


White collor business management in the naughties is disregarding its workforce as a key to the success of the business.

Business is about efficiency, profit, and cutting costs.

Employment is about working conditions that are not oppressive and are instead supportive, happy and friendly.

The two do not sit well together, but their is a balance that can be acheived.

Business's are reshaped inline with changes in other businesses. Employees are told that they must change to stay competitive. Managment are fearful of missing out on something someone else has. Employees are fearful of change, they want stability and feel if change is better for business, then it must also be better for employees, otherwise it is wrong.

Managers fail to see this, they view the workforce as a robotic one that will put up with what they do, and moreover they percieve that employees will be glad to change to a model that is better for the company.

If an employee questions the motives of management, he/she is hit with a big shitty stick. They are collectively told that their jobs are at stake, they are lucky in this envoironment that they still have them.

Management it seems does not regard its employees as equal partners in the running of the business. So who is the business? is it the management, or the employees. Both will argue their case but the real answer is that there is a balance bewtween them, a delicate one.

Management in the naughties are taking liberties, they believe that they are the business, the employees are merely automitons and do not count, management do not see that a happy and empowered workforce is a strong one. It is because of this that attrocious conditions can be forced upon them: extra unpaid working hours, no pay rises, cutbacks in breaks and lunchtimes. Employees also fail to see their collective power and suffer unneccessarily, they need to restore the balance of profit vs quality of employment.



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