11:11 Phenomenon

I have just watched the film The Big Empty, and by chance it contained an intriguing reference to a four digit number. Afterwards I had to look up what this meant and was surprised to find a philosophy behind it similar in manifistation to my very own 11:38.

The point of 11:11 seems to be a joining of many into one, an enlightenment if you will from individual to shared consciousness. Believers in the phenomenon are supposed to see this number everywhere. In the film it shows up in a number of places including shoes, doors, and clocks, and in real life people are supposed to see it in digital readouts, documents, and in significant historical dates.

The philosophy behind 11:11 says that it is a pointer and a reminder, much like 11:38. It is supposed to relate to a mission in the astral or dream world that this person has signed up for. It's to do with parallel worlds and appears to be strongly linked with alien encounters and Earth conciousness. This concept is silly and I find it hard to take in, not least because Uri Gellar has gotten in on the act.

This phenomenon is a new age thing using popular stereotypes as opposed to an old world thing with 11:38; that seemingly points to Hindu philosophy. So I kind of disregard it at one level. However the manifistation of the number is so close to my own experience that I wonder why vast numbers of people see this number and not mine. Why has it become a recognised phenomenon? If they all see 11:11 everywhere, why should I see 11:38?

It seems there should be an explanation and maybe it seperates the two ideas, but conversely there could be a reason for the difference and therefore a unifying theory.


I'll keep looking...


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