Being Laz


There's an article in the news today about sperm donation and how few donors there are in this country. The poblem seems to be that the law recently changed to make anonymous donations illegal, and men just aren't prepared to donate given that a child may come knocking in 20 years time.

Well given that infertility is on the rise and the only people that seem to be breeding are the chavs, i'm wondering if it isn't time to create a master race to re-address the balance.

Just imagine it, spreading your genes far and wide around the country, having like hundreds of children that you have no responsibilty for, it's an egomaniacs dream come true, why didn't Hitler think of this?

From a human genome point of view this is the best way to ensure a future that you wish to see, I firmly believe that DNA can carry characteristics of thought and of predetermined destiny as well as size, shape, and colour.

So, destroy the competition through superior numbers, and not only is no anonymity okay, it's a godsend, as your offspring will all be able to find eachother and their source. mmwaah haa haa haa!




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