A different perspective...


Wow, I've just had one of the best experiences of taking drugs that I have ever had. Usually when smoking i just get all lazy and hungry and happy, but this stuff sent me off to another world. Smoking this grass was like taking a view on life from a different perspective. I was able to shift my perception at will from one thing to another, and curiously forget the previous one almost instantly. Only after concentrating on what had just happened i was slowly able to recall what happened.
I experienced the ability to know for an instant exactly what it was like to be a different person, and how that person felt. I was watching MTV and the Queens of the stone age were playing, and I started thinking that it was weird for Dave Grohl to be a drummer, what a strange thing to do, and at that instant i knew what it was like. I knew how he felt when playing, how knackering it was, and the rush he got from doing it.

Then i was watching this video where they had boxers in a ring, and again is suddenly knew what it was like to get in the ring, and fight, and get knocked out.

It is fully possible that what I was experiencing was not the world from a different perspective at all, and instead i was just reflecting upon a deep memory of personal experience, and remembering the characters I have read about or watched in films, and thinking how they felt.


It may not have been a view of Dave Grohl or the Boxer at all, just my imagination placing me in a fictional drummer/boxer. But then the alternative is fantastic, could I be tapping into some global consciousness that knows about everyone and everything and for a brief second or two I actually knew how someone else feels about themselves, about what they do and the effects it has on them, it was a very real experience.


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