I have been trying to build an analogy

for how i see the human brain working...


Regardless of centres of specialty the human brain for me is like a web with a spider sitting at the middle. The spider represents your consciousness and the web; the automatic part of the brain/body.

I think the body is capable of much automation, so in the sense of the spiders web; it can catch flys on its own without any thinking going on. So that side of the human situation is the part that conforms to basic science principles that can be observered.

I believe a problem occurs then when you abstract this thinking to any machine of sufficient complexity and say that in all cases it will become conscious. What is a web without a spider? sure it can catch flys and other insects, but what then? without a spider representing conciousness it is nothing but a machine.

So the spider is our consciouness and it has a leg on each part of the web listening for vibrations. When it gets one, it can react and go and spin the fly in its web, and eat it or save it for later. Depending on the type of vibration it may even choose to ignore it, as the wrong kind of vibration.

It is easy to see that the spider can be explained as another task running on the same platform, but it is the spider that contains our soul and that is the part that cannot be explained as just another process.


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