Christmas; the perfect training ground for the young capitalist.

As I look at the world around me, I cannnot help but see the down-side of consumerism, materialistic upbringing, and profit based society. I feel that Christmas is a pivotal point in a childs development, such that they become hooked on getting things and wanting things that have no value to them.

Once little Jimmy or Kate is hooked, society has another functioning unit, selfish and self absorbed, confused and fearful, stuck in repeated cycles of work, purchase, and want, for the rest of their lives.

Society of course needs this to keep the rich; rich, and the rest of us in a modern slavery. We are told we are free but we are so bound by our capitalist upbringing and fake implanted fear, that we never use our freedom.

It is amazing to me that while warnings in history have been made time and time again, nobody is listening. Big Brother is happening to us right now but we don't see it, the primary form of our brainwashing is the TV in our living rooms.


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