The Cocoon

I was in a great mood last night, euphoric almost. I had been watching an episode of Firefly (War Stories) and got the distinct impression that there was more to the story and the characters than meets the eye, it's another big metaphor for life and I am a Mal like character.

It was then that I felt I was Seeing and I was seeing inside my head, not at the brain and the cells, but I was seeing the fundamental structure of my consciousness.

Maybe it was just a vision of my personality, my soul, or my godhead delusion, but what ever it was it was rounded at the bottom and then streched in the middle and at the top it fanned out to a funnel like shape, it was like a tall jug without a handle. I knew this shape represented me, and that it was not my normal shape.

It was then that the teachings of Carlos came flooding into my conciousness, this was my cocoon and I was sretching it, this was the sphere that contains the assmeblage point. This was something that I could not understand before now, it was a part of the books that I found preposterous and yet I was now seeing it.

I didn't see the assemblage point however and it wasn't glowing with any intensity, and while it had a basic spherical shape at the base it was a different shape to how Carlos has described it should be for a normal human.

So am I now finally able to move my assemblage point, or was this just a shift? To be fair this seems as rediculous as the book described it; looking backward but I have to trust my experience if i am to move forward.

I Saw that my shape was that of a jug, does this mean that I am now capable of moving my assemblage point?


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