Comfort Eating

I have seen that if you put yourself in a shit situation then you have to readdress the balance somehow.

It seems that many people who eat too much crap, do so as a result of being in a shit situation. The food compensates there need for sanity and comfort. The food is a torniquey for their life, but it is also a driver for their problems in the first place. So it is easy to say that these people should either get them selves out of the situation or to find some other method of regaining a healthy head.

However the metal bar of life is never that unbent, sorting out ones life and finding a comfortable spot is probably the most difficult challenge anyone faces in this day and age. Those that have attained it seem to be types that retire to the country early to look after sheep, or throw in the towel and go travelling round the world. Most people feel that they are enslaved by their position and are not capable of doing anything about it, so they turn to food and alcohol.


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