Crow Aptok



So i've been really enjoying The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, It's been right up my street with the Sherlock Holmes references and very satisfiying resolutions as the story goes along.

One thing about it though has driven me to distraction; in the book there are words that randomly seem to be made bold, they are not done to highlight peoples names, product names, places, or events as they are too inconsistent. I can't help but think there is a pattern to them.

I think Mark is playing games with the reader but i don't know what game this is. One thought I had was that the book has been designed for autistic children to read and there are lots of extra things in there for them alone. Perhaps with superior memory capabilities they are able to put all of these words together and make something of them.

The only puzzle that I have caught hold of and chased so far is that of CROW APTOK, which appears on a lampost as Chris is trying to find the train station. It has been a lot of fun investigating the phenomenom that surrounds those words and given my previous Oxford connection, I must have seen the originals at some time.

This book has lead me to question my sanity for the second time in a week actually; the first being a documentary about Stephen Fry and Bi-Polar dissorder. I can't help but wonder if I have autistic and manic depressive tendancies, and if so, is it wrong to express them?

Certainly people like Stephen on the whole would not want their conditions treated as they bring creativity and achievement to their lives.



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