Desire Streams


I am not quite sure where this idea comes from, but it seems to fit with all that i have learnt recently. It seems to me that if someone does not wish to transcend the Ego and instead wishes to control it and use it to their advantage, this is quite possible, once the ego is revealed.

The bios that passes through us, nature, and the universe as a whole, could be controlled. Infact we cause impacts on it all the time, but most are so hap-hazzard that we do not notice. If as Cynthia Bourgeault suggests, we could harness and control it.



This diagram shows what I mean; We have desires all of the time and many of them conflict and so mostly they bounce around in our egos and never cause any effect on the world around us.

If you have ever had a feeling like you wanted something so bad, and it actually happened; this I believe is a desire that has made it through the ego and has impacted on the world and the universe as we observe it.

If it is possible; to enable your control of the bios in the form of desire, you need first to have control of the normalised ego. Once this is achieved it is said that you should concentrate on one desire at a time, rather than many at the same time, as this will ultimately lead to quicker results.

If you can do this, then maybe you can influence the outcome of events by controlling the bios. The events could be anything from the outcome of a job interview to winning the lottery, I'll let you know how I get on...



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