Dreaming Emissary

I'm not sure if I should be writing this, or anything anymore. I don't know if it is my clarity talking or whether it is another personality. Carlos speaks of the Dreaming Emissary who whispers secrets to trainees and is someone that should be ignored if they are not to travel the same path as the old naguals.

My experience is that I will spontaneously know something to be true with absolute certainty and with logic to describe it and back it up. This I thought was a result of my enlightened state and this knowledge was not coming to me but was being secreted by my brain. I would rush to write these snippets of information down and covet them like they were expensive jewels.

Now I have read that this knowledge may not coming from within me, but instead is being fed to me by another entity and is getting me hooked on my clarity for its own ends. The feeder is this personality known as the Dreaming Emissary and it has its own agenda that is opposed to my own; this is the second enemy. So I need to realise that this information being given to me is truthful but also deceitful, it is not the end of the road and instead is just a stopping point along the way.

Coming back to how I started this topic and the idea of should I actually be writing like this now. This knowledge seems to be something I should write about and covet and share. However if it is not actually helping me, I feel the only answer I can give is both yes and no. Yes i should write it down as it is important; it is the second enemy defeated, but it is also something that I must not feel is worthy of keeping and preserving because then I am still held by its captivating power.

Carlos writes that the Dreaming Emissary must only be listened to when it speaks of Dreaming and to ignore it at all other times, so that is what i'll try to do. Might mean that the website posts dry up but i've been thinking again about re-formatting it anyway so maybe now is the time.

It would seem that my own romance with knowledge is not faceless and is being lead by an entity other than myself.


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