Diaries are very interesting artifacts, I have just been reading about this Islamic fundamentalist in the news and the BBC are running excerpts form his diary. They are making the most ridiculous statements and judgments from this man's thoughts that help him make it through the day, and suddenly I am realizing that writing down ones thoughts, on the web or otherwise, is a dangerous thing to do when you are surrounded by idiots.

Diaries and blogs are snapshots of thoughts/emotions/feelings that can be very easily misconstrued by others as a complete view of a person. The more honest a diarist is, the more weird the entries are probably going to be, not because this person is a nutter, but just because he is in control of his mind, understands the cycles of it, and knows the relief that comes from writing things down. As a result it will be easy for others to pick on particular aspects of the writing and label the diarist mad/evil or whatever angle they want to show.

Thing is; the thoughts of diarists are exactly the same as everybody else's, but they choose to commit them to paper. For the others to firstly not recognise them for what they represent is stupidity, secondly for them not to realise that these thoughts are their own; is delusional, and thirdly for them to be used against the author in an attempt to point out how un normal and insane this person is, is pure evil and a failure to recognise a complete human being in the author or in themselves.

We humans are actually crazy, hanging together by force of will and denial of self and freedom of thought. We are mostly children who have never grown up, and are insecure and jealous like we tell our own kids not to be. Those who choose to exercise their freedom of speech are brave if they understand this, or foolish if they don't.

The act of writing a diary can be for many a therapy, and allow release of things that the author would never do or think of doing in everyday life. No one has a right to judge others on the basis of a piece of writing.




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