The End Of The World


I have seen the end of the western world, at least I have seen the end of democracy in the west, what will it become Socialism. Baudrillard has given me some of the answers about the game that I did not want, but had elluded to on this site.

In the western world, nothing is real anymore, it's all simulated. Among the chief simulations is that of power. Power is deminishing for those that hold it, more and more their stake in power is lessening. There is an end in sight (2030 - singularity?) common sense is not going to be wasted ;0)

The cultural hypnosis in which we live perpetuates the myth of power and those in the game know of it not through traditional force, but through law, position, and fame. Our 21st century western leaders are not powerful men and yet they have all the power at their finger tips, each successor is weaker and more stupid.

There will be a change in our lifetimes.

Our leaders are puppets of the system, a system that is dieing thankfully. They can only be revived by the simulation of power. Unfortunately each new simulation is further from the truth and deeper in the game. If you are keeping up with the game, you will see no noticable difference to anything. This is because with each generation we are becoming more stupid.

However if you are outside of it, you will see it's all just sliding into oblivion. Individuals are being given more power every day, they are gaining what the powerful are trying so desperately to hang on to, if only they saw it! A point will arrive where power will be equally shared, and there will be the turning point, we will all hold a winning hand, Socialism or a modern equivelent (Pluralism!) will have been achieved. The masses owning a share as big as those once powerful people. I am excited but aware of the pitfalls.

For this to happen all of us must play within the rules but live outside of the system. If we fight it, we will give it the justification to limp on. No martyrs will be called for, no sore thumbs, we must be invisible and watching for the day it all breaks. To that end, if this website ever becomes popular, it must be destroyed or I will be giving the system which I hate the right to exist.

So what is the point of this website? To create a spark in others and for them to start their own campaigns, none to big vertically, but the horizontal spread should be as wde as possible.


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