So Fed Up


Hell, i'm not happy. I am so bored with my job, I keep thinking of all the things i'd rather be doing, it's not fair! now there's something i haven't said in a long time.

I feel so badly that I want to be doing my own thing, its a feeling that is inescapable for me at the moment, I can sense it in my gut like an illness. This is depressing and disheartening, everything around me is tainted with sadness and I feel that I am not geting my fair share.

Why I feel this way is unknown to me, I shouldn't, I know that, but all the same its there until I can work it out. I'm thinking a change of job might help but I would just be putting off the inevitble. I just want to walk out in the cold sunny winters morning a breath a big sigh of relief, like I do when I go home from work at lunchtime.

I want freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Tessixy Afor i'm so fed up.




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