Feeling Fat

I have lost a stone and a half in weight in the two months, it's something of a success in terms of dieting and I have discovered a disturbing fact that probably contributed to my overweight status in the first place.

The human body does not have enough nerve sensing around the middle of the body. It feels exactly the same to be thin as it does to be fat! How can this be? It's ridiculous! The human body must be able to sense how fat it is! Well my experience says different, as mad as it seems and despite believing myself that the feeling of being thin would be obtainable, I have not been able to notice the difference. The only feeling that comes close is a bloating that can be associated with feeling fat. It appears that it occurs more when you're fat than when you're thin.

Is there a natural benefit to this lack of sense? Well it could be argued that in times of little food our ancestors would have not survived if their bodies complained when they seasonally put on weight and lost it again with the availablility.

Perhaps there is a tollerance whereby extreme weight loss and extreme obesity will trigger some sort of built-in warning mechanism, but every other weight is seen as acceptable and only our keen sense of looking good will cause a revulsion of fat.




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