Final Secret




I have just read Carlos's concluding lesson,

his last teaching,

his final secret.


Inorganinc Beings are feeding off me, they are preying on my energy, eating it and using me as meat.


He sold this as a big shocker, as a wake up call. I do not feel that it was much of a shock, it makes sense in the scheme he has laid before me. He says that the inorganic beings are telling me these things now; not to believe him and to doubt what I have been told. But i do not doubt, I am just not shocked by what I have read.

Do I feel any different? Well I do, but not in a big way. I feel I have further control over my brain, I feel that the final portion of my frontal lobes has relinquished its control to me. I have a 360 degrees sensation in my brain that I don't think I have had before now.

Is this due to the cup of tea I just drank? Or is it due to Carlos's teachings?

I don't know right now, I do hope to find out later this evening. He says I should be able to see the inorganic beings in my perifereal vision! I will ceratinly try.

I have felt that something was blocking me, stopping me from dreaming/seeing/stalking. That thing might have been the last stand of the inorganic beings, hopefully they have fled, but I am to expect them back. They are scared right now, scared that they no longer have a food source, that my energy is poisonous to them.

They will be back but not for a while, and I intend during this time to dream, properly and move my assemblage point for the first time and be aware of it, to remember it and to catch it on a hook that will allow me to do it again.

It actually feels like I have freed up part of my mind that was unavailable to me before now, I've just had an upgrade, Laz v2.0



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