It seems to me that in life the term flexability is much misunderstood and is used as a subtle hypnosis.

In one pure sense it is the ability to adapt to your surroundings and handle a constantly changing focus, but always with an eye on where you are going. By being flexible it is for the common good.

However I am noticing in business it means something different, it means that you, the flexible one, have to put up with the shit that is thrown at you by idiot bosses who flip their views and change their standpoint spontaneuosly, and with a dissregard for the common good. It has nothing whatsoever to do with succeeding in delivering a quality product, on time, and to budget.

So flexability it turns out is the sign of a willing slave, someone who is happy to throw away logic and common sense for the sake of pleasing the boss.

I can see why an employer would want people like this, but why would anyone do it?



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