Work Vs Health

Staying fit it seems is a way of life, and as such it clashes with most peoples other way of life; work.

It seems impossible to me that the two can co-exist; one requires concentration throughout the day and enough energy to think straight from 9-5 without much of a break. The other requires a pyhsical exersion of many minutes a day that leave one knackered for the next day as the body goes into recovery mode for 12 hours or so.

To cope with a day at work after exercise I tend to eat a lot of crap food as a means of staying alert, this is undoing the good that the exercise did, regardless of how my mind trys to tell me otherwise. So how can the two get along together?

How can one put in a decent performance at maintatining a healthy lifestyle, and aslo put in a good performance at work and enable one to progress to a better lifestyle through recognition of a job well done?


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