The trouble with my thinking about inhumanity is that these perpetrators are humans too.

It's not like they are some alien force that has decided that the majority of mankind must suffer, it is mankind itself doing this to itself, and i'm not sure how to come to terms with this. It sems bi-polar in nature, either there is euqality and we all at one time or another become overtly dominant, or it is some modern scewing of human nature that causes some people to go over to the "dark side" permanently.

Either way I can't help but think there must be a balance to this or the world would have ended for us a long time ago. Perhaps I need to introduce a time element, and maybe over time we routinely go from dictatorships to republics and back, so like waves; there are crests and troughs.

Anyway, what is it in us that makes us not want the best from eachother, and instead stomp on each other to reach some unseen zenith? Why do we seem preordained to hate eachother, to enslave our fellow man, and fight instead of working together?

If it is something deep in our cores why do I resist it? Am I some sort of different breed or genetic abberation?



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