John G.

I have never seen a better explanation of the way human memory works than in the film Memento.

This highly disturbing film has escaped my attention until today, I have heard about it, been recommended it, even had it sat on top of my DVD player for 3 weeks before deciding out of curiosity to watch it.

Christopher Nolan has turned out to be a philosopher premier, with this film he has accurately placed all of us as falable beings at the mercy of a faulty memory in the midst of a world of half truths and with the need to keep living regardless of the facts.

If you can watch this film, pay attention all the way through, follow the paths of deceit and betrayal, and come away without thinking you are mental and delusional, then you are lying about the previous things.

This tale will make you paranoid, it will make you nervous, you will not be able to hold a normal conversation with anyone afterward, you will feel like you are on acid because it is definitive in its depiction of an intelligent self examination, and the pain that it leaves. This film is so much more than the sum of its parts, it has had such an impact on me I cannot describe it, I don't know why I haven't watched it before now, but I will be watching it watching it again.

the biggest question the film raises for me is; who is John G.? who does he represent, Why do we seek him, and and why must he be killed?

You can never learn as well the things you are taught; the things you discover for yourself.


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