I've got a new understanding of karma, It was forced upon me by my current work situation and from a translation of the Bhagavad Gita that I have been reading.

The understanding is this; I should not be looking beyond my station and getting pissed off about the way others are doing their job, particularly managers. This is regardless of how easily I can see their problems, and solutions.

This is actually sin and bad karma that I am generating for myself. Instead of doing this I should only concentrate on the work I am asked to do, and make sure I do a good job.

This is the true way to incur good karma, I have also been reminded that I should be doing the work for the works sake, and not because I want the reards of my work.

"I am, enemy. My very greatest enemy." Disturbed, Conflict.

I Am also feeling that life is trying to tell me that it is okay to be in the middle of a chaotic situation, that chaos really is a more natural state than order.

I must learn to cope with this situation because this is real life, this is the way things are.

Things in life are not controlled by mere human beings and do not follow linear progressions, instead they are uncontrollable and random, as is everyone in this life,

As am I.


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