The Middle Way


Why should I write things down, what is it about philosophy that makes me so egomaniacal that I must share my personal view with everyone else.

Why do I wish to be published and to earn a living from my work if what I am telling is something that cannot be discovered through text, speech, and living any particular way.

The middle way can only ever be hinted at, its echo can be seen through comparing extremes, if it is to be written plainly it will never be understood, or if it is understood it will not be believed.

God is an extreme, so is Science. Philosophy is an extreme, as is idiocy, the middle way is something personal and cannot be taught, it must be discovered and only when it is discovered can it be truely believed.

The truth may be taught, but it will not be heard, it's a terrible realisation that i have, however it is the way of things.

To write things down because of my poor memory is an honest pursuit, to expect others to give a flying fuck about my heavy metal philosophy is quite frankly absurd.

I found myself and moved on, I found god and moved on, I found philosophy and moved on.


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