What the fuck are migraines for? as I sit here with one now I am wondering why on earth they exist, and what is their purpose, why has evolution developed them, or perhaps it hasn't! A part of me says that they represent bodily change, that something fundamental is going on, they represent a reset that must happen to complete the change, like a Windows Update!

I think migraines are damaging my sight. It seems that everytime I have a migraine, I lose a little more of my vision in normal everyday life. It is a really sucky thing to think, but I really feel it to be true. I wonder if there is anyone else who feels the same way?

Interestingly enough; watching the final episode of Journeyman the other day I hit upon a realisation that the two types of time travel in the show seem to relate to the two types of migraine that people get, i.e. those precursored with a numbness in a limb, and those precursored by a visual flashing light, I can't understand what this means right now, but i'm going to look into it.



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