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So I have established that we are all playing games, all of us, all of the time.

Our lives are filled by our games, every word that comes out of your mouth is part of a game. The games we play are many and varied, and you will play many games in the course of a single day. You may not know that it is a game but believe me it is, even when you're deadly serious; you are still playing. No matter what you say, you are still playing and you can't stop.

As a backdrop to the games, we have our stories to show us how to be. We are told stories on a daily basis, the stories consume our lives and define the way we behave around people, and when we are alone. Whether we watch TV, go to the cinema, or read books we are not living in a real world, we are instead just playing with ourselves, massaging our egos, and acting out roles that we have seen and heard in our stories. We present the ones we like to the world around us, and to the people around us. We are not consistent in our presentation either, we are all hypocrites and show different people different characters.

Our brains are wired this way, to play games, to need stories, and to act out roles. If you consider the simplest thought; such as your idea of death, of not existing anymore. You will realise that it has an image attached to it, an emotion attached, a sound as well. This is in addition to the initial thought. If you are able to look at it rationally and from a distance, you will see that it is unreal it is not representative of death, The image you have in your head for death is not what it should be, the sound isn't either, and the emotion is more like being told off.

You have an idea of nothing. That idea is something and it cannot be death. Rather the idea of death in your head is a summation of all the bad things which have happened to you, a vision of death as we have seen it in our stories, and any experience of other peoples deaths. It's a neat little package to remind you of all the worst things in your life. We have no idea what death is as we haven't experienced it yet, so we only have our stories of it. This is so for all of our thoughts and everything we see. Within the game these things make sense, but if you can see outside of the game then you will see the fallacy of it all.

Is seeing outside of the game all that there is? No, this is just a further game, but it is at least a stage above the 1st game, it's a progression.

So even though you have realised the game exixts, you can't get free of it. I have side-stepped the playing, acting, and the game mentality, but i am still in a game, my brain is wired to be in a game.

Reality is breathing, consuming food, sleeping, mating, the game exists in everything else. To escape I have to stop thinking altogether, or die.

All that I have written on this site is part of a game and I am playing a philosopher role. While you may not see the philosophy game, it exists along side the game you are playing now. You me say that this is rubbish, you may agree, it may anger you, it may make you sad, it could inspire you to look further, these are all acceptable responses to the philosophy game.


Stop the game, stop the game,
that's all we did, that's all we said,
Could you know that we never show the (truth)

PitchShifter, Condescension


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