The Perfect Choice

Is it possible that all of our choices are tainted, that whenever we decide anything, it is not actually us making the desicion. It is probable that all the possible alternatives are not actually available to us at the point we need to act, but why is this?

We are not truely individuals, we are not able to cut ourselves off from what's going on in our environment, events affect people and people affect people, because of this any decision we make has to have something to do with the environment; it's not just a personal judgement. Have you ever been coaxed into doing something you really didn't want to? Well it happens all the time but at a much subtler level.

Our senses provide us with 50% of the data upon which we make decisions, the other 50% is internal stuff that the brain has learnt over the course of your life. The learned stuff may help or hinder us but it always alters our basic physical view. Everyone around you also has this 50/50 view and they share with you the same internal thoughts about the world, it is because of this shared experience that your decisions are not really yours. How else do people get so scared they can't move in the face of danger?

If our senses are telling us that we are in a particular predicerment, and we only have a number of limited avenues, then we automatically rule out certain options based on what is going on in front of us, what is going on in our heads at the time, and what is going on in other peoples heads around us. We are at the mercy of unconcious peer pressure from our environment whether we like it or not.

So how do you make a perfect choice free from unnecessary outside influence? You have to pull yourself out of this quagmire by understanding what is happening around you.



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