Nothing I can say here is new. Everything I say; has already been told by another.

You will find the things I have discovered are the things that many philosophers have also discovered. There are two types of philosopher that I can see, those who work within the game of life, and those that work outside of it.

I am fully aware that the ones to claim to work outside of it could well be in a game still and their ultimate truths are not any troughs at all.

So I find myself seeing the same theories and ideas that I have in other philosophies, fortunately I have my experience to tell me that it was it that lead me to the understanding. The philosophers just gave me the names I was looking for, if it was any other way I would be no better off.

Given this position that I find myself in, I do not feel that I have much further to go to understand some of the greatest thinking in the histroy of mankind. However while I understand it, I have not experienced it, not even a tenth of it. So I could spend the rest of my life doing so. I find myself back at the beginning of a path I went down a while ago and I am asking myself the same questions.

Should I follow a pre-trodden path or should I try to find a new one. Carlos has instilled in me the knowledge that all paths lead to the truth, but still my ego wants one of its own, to surpass the other philosophers work, to find something new. That is the worldly way, and leads maybe to the fame and fortune of a new philosophy for the world to drool over, but is this the right way?

Would my path be any truer than anyone elses? Might it be better to traverse each path in turn, if there is enough time in life (enough life in time) to do so?


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