I'm being plagued by a number...

21/11/03 11:38

What is the significance of this number, I see it everywhere?
Most noteably, I always seem to look at the clock when its exactly 11:38, twice a day!

I've tried to see the meaning but I can't get anything that means anything. I have a friend called Julian Bell (8311) but i don't think that means anything. Could it point to a date; November 2038? maybe the date of my death!!!

I understand that George Lucas has used it in his films ever since it was part of his telephone number in San Fransisco, and became the name of his first film THX1138. I have only seen bits of that film, but i'm thinking I should watch it all, it's famous to me because part of the films soundtrack is used at the beginning of NIN's downward spiral CD.

I believe the number features in many of the starwars films (cell block number, droid number, strom trooper number, I think I heard that if you decode R2D2s beeps they become 1138) also its in his other films as number plates and is mentioned in passing by characters. Perhaps he is plagued like me?

What ever the meaning, i'm sure it means something for me, it's another clue that I can't fit into my puzzle at the moment.


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