Reading Signs


Looking out into the world is not what it should be, instead it is more like watching a film. My eyes feel like they are adjusting to a new way of seeing, i am either transitioning or going blind. While this view of seeing agrees with the scientific idea of the way the brain works and could be easily overlooked as really nothing new, what my understanding gives me is a clue to the fabric of existence itself.

Carlos Castaneda and Brian Bates describe the activity of waiting, waiting for something, waiting for the right moment to act, this is the way of the warrior, the way of wyrd. How do you know when to act? A pattern in the nagual/wyrd will reveal itself to you. The pattern will either be seen visually, felt emotionally, or maybe thought of mentally, what i'm interested in at the moment, because of recent experiences, is the seeing of patterns and interpreting them.

Bates writes about ancient English pagan sorcerors and their ability to see in a flock of crows for example; the pattern for the death of someone. The two things seem entirely unrelated and unbelieveable, unless you take a step back and consider this: Firstly your visual experience may not be a 3D depth filled world but a 2 dimensional phoney projection inside your brain. Secondly, this projected image is full of significance and contains patterns of repeated meaning that can be interpreted.

Suddenly the second rate methods of interpreting meaning in the world such as palmistry, reading tea leaves, and spotting patterns in toilet doors become scientifically provable means of predicting the near future. They are patterns of the universe laid out for one who knows to interpret and understand. The best way to understand this is to think about fractals and holograms. In either case any part contains the pattern of the whole, regardless of how small the part is, now if you can twist your mind to universal proportions you have patterns of the universe being shown in anything around you. It may be possible to read meaning from the images before you based on the movement and layout of the variables in the projection.

Pulling your view back inside your skull and seeing the world as a picture before you where items are laid out in meaningful patterns is quite a feat, a bigger one still is to learn what it means and recognise it, but from my reasearch and experience it certainly seems doable. It is probable and predictable that we all do it all the time already, without realising it's cause and effect.

Watching someone in a car ahead of you and predicting where they will turn based not on any indication but on their road position, their head position, their speed, the environment around them and what opportunities are available to them. This is an example of how we do this in everyday life. It's reading signs in the environment, clues as to what will happen, all this idea requires is that you look beyond mundane actions and look to other possibilities.

As for scientifically proveable, you can't get a room of "experts" to witness it and approve the test as they will all have their own effect on the experiment regardless of how impartial they say they are, a room with just one opposing god will cancel any effect you may exert, let alone a whole room. You can however prove it to yourself, set about it scientifically and use a control, learn the patterns and what they mean, document them, then test yourself, make a prediction and seal it away, wait for it to happen.

The reprocussions of doing this and having it work are far reaching, it could be that you are just imagining it all and it is a coincidence, but it could be that everything is just imagined and you are an illusion, you could be a filthy pig rolling in mud because you have forgotten who you are.

You are an expression of the universe and it is a part of you. You were not brought to earth and dropped off, you are are the earth.


It seems that the world in front of your eyes is actually more of a projection than an experience.


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