Taking Responsibility

I have had a realisation as to why the western world is seemingly becoming less civilised as we move toward the future. It all boils down to taking responsibility for ones self.

People in general are stupid creatures that do as they are told and blindly follow others who they believe are in a more important position. In the Western world today there are very few real leaders and there is no-one telling us how to behave correctly. This brings us to the situation where nobody knows right from wrong; so people are hypocrites. They say one thing and do another, then they say something else and do something different again. There is no cohesion to their actions or their words.

They are in this position because they do not realise in this day and age it is up to them to define their own rules and to live by them. In days long since gone; churches would bully people into how to behave and people would listen and act accordingly. In todays godless society its a free for all, the only guiding principle seems to be get rich and then everything will be okay.

People need to be educated in how to live a life, schools need to teach life skills rather than the old dogma. If there are some that do not listen then they will need to be bullied into doing so. Anything is possible in today’s western society but it is only a very few at the moment who come to realise this and take responsibility for their lives. Our so-called leaders are nothing of the sort. They make stupid decisions because they do not know how to behave correctly, consistently, and are motivated purely by short-term greed.

If a radical reworking of education fails to perform, then we will need an organisation like the Christian church of old, but also unlike the Christian church, to suck in irresponsible people and spit out responsible ones, something like a life factory. The trick will be to make it so unlike a church that people do not realise it really is one.

Society is falling apart around us and yet no one seems to care or do anything about it. Look back to the eighties, the fifties, the Victorians, we have been on a downward slide for a long time. Our civilisation peaked a long time ago and no amount of technology will help us, more options just means more problems.


I have a problem that I cannot explain,
I have no reason why it should have been so plain,
Have no questions but I sure have excuse,
I lack the reason why I should be so confused.

SOAD, Roulette

Capitalism has an end and I can see it in the not to distant future, by coincidence i think technology and its singularity may well be the end point so i would place it around 2030. It will self destruct because those at the top will short circuit the system, everything will become too expensive, profit margins will have been increased year on year to make the few richer. There will be no options to the customer because the mega corporations have seen to it that they own all their competitors in a certain field. Everything will just stop one day; you won't be able to buy fuel for your car, or food for the table, it will be too expensive to heat your home, welcome to the second Dark Age.

Perhaps, in a flight of pure and dark fantasy, the future will hold the answer. A behavioural modifier chip could be inserted into all people and advise them at each turn what the correct action should be. Rather than control the person it could inform of the consequences of their actions. Kind of like a church inside ones head, I'm not convinced that any organisation could ever get away with doing what the church used to do without being associated with the old ideals and corruption, it would instantly fail the masses, but a chip in your head talking to you and advising you of right and wrong, visually showing you how to behave; your own personal Jesus would make everyone equal.

This of course could not be sold to people but would be state sponsored and offered to parents at the birth of their children, or made a prerequisite of holding a job, it could be seen as something desirable, one would have to work towards ownership as a qualification and receive the chip upon graduation.

Here then marks the birth of the PersonalJesus v1.0 from Laz Corp, a shard of light in a dark future ;0)


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