I have seen that we humans in the 21st century are still very territorial, I don't mean in a global or even a national sense, but in a one to one micro sense. In a house with multiple occupants there is a battle raging that no one is consciously aware of, but their brains at a basic level are responding to.

Marking of territory and removal, or masking, of marks by competitors are signs that should not be seen in human cohabitation and indeed if you speak to someone about it they will probably deny any knowledge of it, and yet they still do it. This is something that works at a prime-evil level, it's about who's the boss, and what the relationship heirarchy is.

Problems such as people making a mess or not doing the washing up when it's their turn, making noise late at night, and having no regard for the cost of utilities are all signs of control. Their surface appearance of laziness and disregard is not what they are about at all, although it's easy to mistake them. Someone who is showing these signs must be delt with delicately, unless you want an all out fight which will get everyones backs up and do you more harm than good.

So given that one knows about the nature of the relationships in a home and who is "top dog", you may see that control is not necessarily sought by the one at the top, and may not even be wanted. In this case a power hungry person will vie for the top position, outward appearances will suggest otherwise but their nature will reveal a deeper truth.

They will do their best to be in the top position and if one is happy to take a back seat and let it happen, then the back seat is what you'll get.

If one is wanting to be in control then one must fight, that's simple to see, but if one wants balance and fairness then this is a tricky situation, indeed the perpetrator may just be testing you and reminding you of your responsibility, and may not really be out for control.

If you want balance from someone who is unbalanced and driven by blind ambition, how can you cope with that? It seems that you must fight, but an out an out fight may will result in a hollow victory and destroy the group. So one must be a little cleverer and territory is key. No doubt you are feeling uncomfortable in your own home because of the threat around you, so you must turn the tables and make the ambitious one shrink back into their hollow and you must do it without a direct fight. Removal of their things from strategic positions around the home with disregard for their authority will certainly do this.

Control over the environment in which you all live will assert who is leading, but this is a huge effort and not everyone is up for it, the old adage about power comes with responsibilty is so true and it also comes with hard work attached, so are you up for it?

Control over the environment in which you all live will assert who is leading.


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