The Perfect Human


Have you ever listened to people during conversations? They all say the same things, they all respond in the same ways, we are conditioned to talk in a particular way that is conformist to a stereotype.

I hear people saying supportive words in conversations such as, "yes", "I see", in pauses, "sure" and "definately" when a point is made, "uh huh" and "go on" for variation. Conversations generally go this way regardless of the subject and if they don't meet this standard, then there is something wrong and a secondary thrread starts to find out why the confirmation is not being made.

If one person is not conforming then the conversation can easily break down with one party considering the other as weird and not very nice. Isn't it funny how regardless of how many times we are told we are sheep we still follow eachother along this path to the perfect human!

This isn't restricted to speech of course, it works in all areas of our lives and we judge ourselves by how alike we are with the people immediately around us, and those we see on TV and in films and magazines. If you do not conform to the ideal and are not trying to better yourself in the eyes of the perfect human so you are regarded as a selfish, arrogant, and a horrid outsider who does not deserve your precious time.

So the world goes on, all of us running after something we cannot achieve, running after a god image that can't exist, and if we don't run then we are not worthy of the human race. We are bad people and are rightfully cast down to be unholy.

What a load of bollocks! fucking human beings. we're all deluded and stupid, only people who conciously realise that this is going on have any chance of being worthy humans.

But don't mix these people up with those who do this unwittingly and unconciously, for they are even greater losers.

It seems to me that there is a perfect human psyke and behaviour that we all aspire to be like.



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