The Thing In Itself

I've been reading Nietzcshe's beyond good and evil, and I am quite shocked at how similar my writing has become to his without any directed intention. He was an early instigator in my education and I guess his style is catching.

Early on in the book; Nietzsche raises the idea of questioning "I" and the fallout from supposing there is an "I" at the centre of every person.

He argues that there is a big link between the limits of our language and the limits of our thinking. It is quite possible that our feeble human language is unable to describe the concept of "I" well enough to be able to accurately describe the human condition. Thus our thinking is also unable to grasp these concepts or expand beyond them due to the fact that our thoughts can only follow the rules of our language.

So "I" is the best we can do and the closest we can get to an answer on who we are, and our human philosophy will always be written from this perspective. It will never be able to see obvious things about us that maybe a super intelligent computer or a visiting alien would be able to spot straight away.

While I agree that Nietzsches view fits for any snapshot position in our evolution I don't agree that this will never change. Language evolved from consciousness, not the other way round so we must have enough width to our language to describe our human condition accurately. Now over time and with expansion of our consciousness we are going to invent new words for new experiences.

This does presupppose poeple aren't happy with their lot, and are looking for more. It could be agrued that Carlos Castaneda (through Don Juan) has detailed some of the new experiences and given them names that are alien to us as we have no experience of them.

Neitzsche goes on to talk about how thoughts (and thus actions) may not actually belong to us or originate from us, and discusses fate and free will. This I find is lending further weight to the Don Juan/Yaqui view of the world and their concepts of the Eagle's Emenations and aligning them through the assemblage point.

I love the idea that we are really not intelligent beings and are dumb scanning machines that just pick up on the broadcast intelligence of some other, yet we identify with it and believe it is us. That really tickles me, or maybe it's tickling someone else!


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