Things In Common

Things in common, i'm beginning not to have them. Not just with people in general but also with people I am very close to. More and more I am noticing that I am something they are not, i'm worried i'm isolating myself and that they will not understand what i'm trying to do and purposefully isolate themselves from me in response.

This isn't just a worry about my self worth to a relationship, it's more a case of fear in the eyes of my friends and family. They seem to be trying to force me to conform to their ways for my own good!

That is something I can not do. So knowing what the problem is here doesn't mean anything, because it's not me that needs to change, it's them.

Only know what i'm told,
Only know what i'm told,
fast asleep daydreaming,
Such a push, break your own glass ceiling.


Glass Ceiling.


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