Todays school kids are skippipng school more than ever despite measures to keep them in school and to punish the parents.

The recently published national rate is up by 10% and the daily average is 55000 kids skipping secondary school. Kids are also proffessing stronger views about what they are being taught in schools. Why is this happening?

I believe that todays children are becoming savvy about society at a much younger age and as a result they are seeing it for what it is; a mass brainwashing exercise run by weak, immoral and corrupt officials.

Well if you fill a brain up with useless facts, formulae, and procedures what will you get? a zombie of society, someone who will just do as they're told.

I'm not saying that schools are intentionally controlled from on high, rather it is the unconscious will of a collective society.

I'm so pleased that kids are able to see it at a much younger age than I did and rebel against what is effectively a capitalist training programme.

Children need to be able to come and go as they please, if they don't like what's being taught, they can take a time out and go for a break or maybe to a different classroom and find another subject that they can get on with. True learning only come with a passion for a subject, without it it may be remembered, but not learnt.

Kids can see that national curriculum can not be applied en masse, and teachers cannot apply it. Given the current system 'difficult' kids are being left out because there is no disipline.

It is too limiting a framework and works for only the most conformist children with only one type of intelligence (see intelligence types).

They don't want to be a part of it, and thanks to the emphasis we place on the kids today "The cult of child" they are able to voice their opinions freely and have them heard.

What they are saying is that school is not teaching them the things they want to learn. This may be dismissed as a child not knowing what they want, being to young to know any more, just wanting to play, but we must realise that WE have created this situation for them and they are just responding to it. We cannot continue the way we are heading and the way we have done things for the last 70 odd years.



Lessons in managing bank accounts and bills should be taught along side life skills such as responsibility, respect, how to socialise, how to love, and raising a family.

Practical lessons for a practical life, not abstract lessons for a conditioned existence.

The future of our society will be defined by those children that rebel, for when they grow up they are the ones that discover the truths of society. Its form will be far more radical i'm sure than anything i can dream up.

The school system we run still requires disipline, but political correctness has taken that power away from the teachers. The only tool they have left, to stay within the current framework, is to gain a psychological advantage over the children, most teachers are not up to this task. As a result kids can run riot and there's nothing that teachers can do for them.

I found that school did not meet my goals in life and instead tried to fill me with useless information that was aimed at training my IQ and developing a good memory and nothing more.

Kids need to learn about what life is about and how to live a life, not how to do algebra and study shakespear.

The classic lesson structure must be dropped and only when kids become intersted in a field of study should they be given tuition. GCSE's came far to early for me, I didn't care what results I got, I was still a kid!

Children should be given a freer choice over which subjects to study at school and there needs to be many more subject areas. Schools should have a more open structure and kids should be free to find something that they like. Classes should be run in a subject all day, and a teacher should remain with a class of kids for a complete day.

Traditional teaching must be stopped and those kids that refuse to take part should be awarded not chastised for they are potentially the more intelligent and well rounded ones. I'm looking forward to seeing how future society will work.

So come on kids, play truant more and rebel against your cruel masters, they don't know what they're doing anyway. Do not be obedient and subservient to a society that lies to you and is corrupt and rotten to its core.



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