Tyrant Types

I have come across three types of petty tyrant on my travels, while they all share commmon tyrant aspects such as extreme selfishness, social stupidity, insecurity, and denial of responsibility, each has a unique way of applying them. I have named the three: The beligerant fool, The quietly inept, and The angry mother.

The beligerant fool is a tyrant who will repeatedly get themselves into situations of being in the wrong without realising any wrongdoing was commited, once there they will deny any responsibility for being in the situation and fight most visciously and scream at great volume to try to get themselves out of their current hole. As soon as they bully their way out of the hole, they quickly find themselves falling into the next one.

The queitly inept will never speak of their problems and will never say anything to help get them out of their particular situation, instead they make assumptions and subsitute them for reality. This way they stumble through life believing that they know what is going on and that they are actually in control, until they find themselves unexpectedly facing their next problem. The quietly inept are also intelligent but cannot grasp simple concepts, they are extemely clumsy and will go to great lengths to cover up any wrongdoing rather than admit it.

The Angry mothers want complete domination over another, they smother and sufficate people around them under the pretence of trying to help. They are the most insecure of the petty tyrants I have met, but counter it with an extremely confident front that many will never breach, this is revealed in their views of others and their refusal to change themselves or even talk about themselves. If your do manage to get through their veil they will unleash all of hell upon you and make your life a misery until they are happy that you submit to their smothering once again.




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