Walking In Circles


I keep coming back to the thought of what should I do now i'm outside of the game?

It's lonely and directionless out here, I could easily become a teacher and try to break others out, Morpheus style (for some company I suppose).

I keep fantasising about setting up an under 30's Combat Philosophy club in a local hall, where "we" could meet once a week and I would teach people how to escape the trappings of their brains. But then what would we do?

I'm still not convinced i'm ready for the path of a teacher, I want to experiment some more with the possibilities of being outside of the human game, but I have always needed a muse, someone to share with, someone to work for, and someone who sees. I need some goal that doesn't involve teaching. Just a sharing of experience would do it I think, but i'm still failing to find anyone else who's outside. Perhaps that should still be my goal?


Alone in a world, with millions of souls, walking in circles,
trapped in their dreams, uhealthy, unclean, walking in circle
Dead By Sunrise, Walking In Cirlces

Chester seems to be outside, but I have no way to talk with him, tried registering again with Myspace to post a fan comment, but got blocked for some reason.

Are You Outside?



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