Where Is The Magic

One of my big questions about this life at the moment is that if there is any magic in this world then where is it? and If we are more than just meat then how do I see the effects of a magical being in this world?

One possible explanation is that it is all a big metaphore for sorting out your head, we aren't able to physically become the things we dream of but we can act in similar ways; aliens are among us, monsters and demons do exist, as do sourcerors, saints, and kings. Are they all just ways of looking at the world? Is it just a trick of perspective and there is no physical aspect to them at all?

Seems like a bit of a swiz, but then my experience tells me that the only magic in this world is our conciousness and that cannot be projected out into the world. I can't help looking for it though, and wanting it to be there. Perhaps the magic of coincidence is enough, stuff of the mind that should not happen but does could be the thing i'm looking for, perhaps i found it before and forgot, i don't remember.

Life in the world is mundane, but life in your head doesn't have to be. If that's where the magic is then controlling the mundane is as good as it gets, any flashy stuff is just the pure fantasy of a deluded mind.



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