The Witches eye

Theres something about the witches eye story, in the film Big Fish, that I can't leave alone, the idea of being shown the future, and moreover how you will die is an intense idea.

In the film the main character claims to live his life without fear, as he knows how he will die. He is fearless of any situation that is dangerous because it is not the situation in which he has seen his death.

I have just spotted a link between it and with Castaneda's Active Side of Infinity where he writes:







Perhaps you can recall what I said to you about one of our biggest flaws as average human beings. The big flaw I am talking about is something you ought to bear in mind every second of your existence. For me, it's the issue of issues, which I will repeat to you over and over until it comes out of your ears.

We are beings on our way to dying. We are not immortal, but we behave as if we were. This is the flaw that brings us down as individuals and will bring us down as a species someday.

The sorcerers' advantage over their average fellow men is that sorcerers know that they are beings on their way to dying and they don't let themselves deviate from that knowledge. An enormous effort must be employed in order to elicit and maintain this knowledge as a total certainty.

Why is it so hard for us to admit something that is so truthful? It's really not man's fault. Someday, I'll tell you more about the forces that drive a man to act like an ass.

Many of us make sense when we talk because we are prepared to use words accurately. But most of us are not prepared to take ourselves seriously as men who are going to die. Being immortal, we wouldn't know how to do that. It makes no difference what complex machines scientists can build. The machines can in no way help anyone face the unavoidable appointment: the appointment with infinity.


I feel that i have just seen the witches eye, although no exact details have been revealed, the substance of the message is that you will die, it is written.

You can not escape so get used to it!





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