A warrior has no compassion for anyone. To have compassion means that you wish the other person to be like you, to be in your shoes, and you lend a hand just for that purpose. The hardest thing in the world is for a warrior to let others be. The impeccability of a warrior is to let them be and to support them in what they are. That means, of course, that you trust them to be impeccable warriors themselves. If they are not then it's your duty to be impeccable yourself and not say a word. Only a sorcerer who sees and is formless can afford to help anyone. Every effort to help on our part is an arbitrary act guided by our own self-interest alone.

I have just read this in Castanedas second ring of power. I am completely at odds with it.

It can't be the truth, this is not how to deal with people, it's selfish and arrogant, and feels so wretched. How can it be that one must live a life that is so remote from people that you cannot help them. There must be an ideal to which I and all others look for, if I can help people look toward it, that does not make it my ideal; i'm just pointing.

"an arbitrary act guided by our own self-interest alone."
This does not mean that I am wanting someone to be like me. it just means that I want them to be impeccable. How can I share my life with someone who is not? I have to help them.

"The impeccability of a warrior is to let them be and to support them in what they are"
How does one provide support to someone who does not know what they are? It may be possible if they knew what they were, but these people are effectively random outcome engines, how can that be supported, why should it be.

While it's true that no-one helped me, it does not follow that everyone needs to learn the hard way, does it? and what does that say about me? Should I be looking for someone to share my life with who is also impeccable, then I won't be troubled with their learning.

I'm getting the feeling that these questions are answering themselves now, but i do not understand why it must be this way.

Why must one suffer for another to breath freely?

Why is enlightenment a path for one?

Why must all others be cast into hell?

Why can't they help themselves and stop playing their roles?

Why do I feel so sorry for them?


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