Democracy is bent, it's a monarchy at best, and a dressed up dictatorship at worst, it appears to be something it is not; democratic.

We are all puppets who have been lied to, we are not free to vote for whoever we wish, it is a rigged system that sees the same policies perpetuate even while the people change.

Democracy is not democratic because while it is fair on paper, it is a pyschological battleground and the rules of this psychology are not stated, nor are they policed.

While it's true that any candidate can stand for any cause, there is such an unfair psycological weight thrown behind what has gone before, the last winners, and the last runners up. A newcommer has no chance, so voters place an unfair weight on their feelings and miss the facts and ideas of other parties, added to this people are conditioned to be afraid of change (government defines school teaching) so the only way to get into power is to do the same as the next guy but do it with better spin. It is because of these reasons great new ideas and ways of running countries are being overlooked.

Take a look at the modern democracy and its rules:

The modern democracy is representative rather than direct, this is already one big step away from the ideal. Representatives have their own agendas, and their own issues, people are not able to speak for themselves and it takes pretty much everyone to be against something for it to be reconsiddered. Demonstrating doesn't work.

Majority rule is enforced and therefore a 51% victory is seen as the end of the story. It seems to be forgotten that half the people did not want a voted policy. This kind of result should not be a victory, at very least margins should be set and only if they are met should it be a victory.

Democracy is supposed to support Pluralism, that is; organisations, and institutions may exist alongside government and not require government to authorise their existence, legitimacy, or authority. How many can you name? Churches are maybe the only organisations I can think of.

Government should be limited in its constitution, as far as i can see in this country government is all powerfull, nothing escapes it's control.

Modern Government is not playing by it's own rules, and yet no-one seems to care! Have we really become so complacent that we do not even look at the rules to understand them!

You and me, will all go down in history,
With a sad statue of liberty, and a generation that didn't agree.

SOAD, Sad Statue

What we need is a government that is not based in psychology, a government that follows its own rules, and that does not see everyone as unequal (the fact that everyone has one vote is meaningless). It is because of this currently that we see injustice and unfair policy that recognises class differences and keeps the poor; poor, the middle classes; apethetic, and the rich; rich.

So what kind of shape would this new type of government take?

Government it seems is a system, it's not a organic lifeform. As such it should be govered by process and procedure. The best way to make process work is to put a computer on the job. It is infact the perfect role for a uncaring, and unintelligent calculator. As such the computer system should take over the role of prime minister, you could keep all the other MPs, the cabinet, the House of commons, but the overrulling nature of the House of Lords is a dead duck as far as this system goes, the computer would have the final say.

You could never implement this in an existing country, it would never be excepted. Instead You would need to form a new country and invite people to join it. it may be a virtual country and not have any landmass.

Democracy should in fact support the setting up of a new government alongside existing ones. Direct democracy could be handled by mobile phone or through "red button" TV voting. This new counrty would start small, only a few would initially be interested in joining, not many would trust a computer, but strangely they trust a human to govern them!

Once it was up and running, the computer lead society would attract newcomers through the benefits seen by others. Advertising and recruiting would not be needed, a better qualiity of life would be a big enough pull.


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