Dreams & Reality

I think that the type of dreams you have and the type of person you are tie your experiences in both worlds together in a feedback loop.

I am a pretty sober, level headed kind of person and I have dreams that are pretty sober. My girlfriend is not in control of herself on occasions, her day time world is filled fear and anger. She is not in control of her dreams and they feature dark presences, the old hag sitting on her, and many other things that give her serious nightmares. In the day she is afraid of anything scary, she won't watch horror films, or anything gruesum on tv for the fear of it giving her worse nightmares.

I have just met a guy on Mind-Brain called Karl, who I introduced to the philosophy of Carlos Castaneda. He has reported some horrible dream experiences, and he has also admitted that he is struggling to cope with everyday life so I think he is in a similar position to Ali.

So it seems that the two worlds are linked. The common feature is a dark presence in dreams, this could be the Inorganic Being that Carlos reported was preying off of our energy, and keeping us small; energistically. I however am just guessing as I have not had such a presence in my dreams for as long as I can remember.

It seems to me that fear is the driving factor in lucid dreaming, if you are afraid, something kicks in that says "you are dreaming" and then you realise this, and off you go, terrified. I don't get afraid in dreams, I have had some where I have been killed in horrible circumstancess (Another dream myth debunked!), but it has not bothered me in the dream, and I certainly don't wake in a sweat. Is it really that because I don't get scared that I don't realise I am dreaming and cannot wake in the dream?

I don't think this can be the case as philosophers preach that dreaming is a key to many things, wonderous things. I think I just need a hook to get me realising that I am dreaming. Maybe if I get a routine going, if I wake in the night I will check my hands, one of the times I do this it may be a dream, however the other times will be real. The routine will be the important aspect, if I can get into the habbit of doing it whenever I think I am awake, then perhaps I can catch myself in a dream one of those times.

To go back to the inorganic being situation, If I am afriad then it's likely that I will have a large, scary, and evil IB predator hunting my energy. However, if I am free from fear, where is my IB? Is it just very small, like a yappy little dog, or if it does not feature in my lucid dreams at all, maybe this means it has gone altogether! but this doesn't help me as I do not realise that I am dreaming lucidly, I think I am actually awake.

Carlos says there two types of warrior, the dreamers and the stalkers. I believe that people exibit traits of one type or another from birth. If I would have to put myself in a camp it would be the natural stalkers. Karl and Ali are natural Dreamers I would have to conclude.


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