Eyes and Ears


I have been pondering on the idea that hearing is just as important to us as sight, except in this world we place more emphasis on sight.

I have just had a realisation that our sense of hearing is really not that different from our sense of sight. I believe that they are handled by the brain in vary similar ways. I believe this because I have experienced a condition that effects both sight and hearing in the same way, and thus suggests to me a common processing centre for both.

I have stared at a patterned wall many times in my life, daydreaming, and letting my thoughts run. I find that I can see faces in the patterns on the wall, my brain takes random marks and turns them into eyes, ears, noses, and mouths. I can do the same for bodies and scenarios, it's all in my head, but I make connections within the random patterns and my brain filters out the rubbish and highlights the marks that go to make up the picture.

I have recently discovered that I can do the same thing with sound. If I am sat in a noisey environment, I can filter out the noises to hear voices in them. The noises are randomly created from air conditioning, computer fans, noises outside, people talking, but I can twist them in my head to sound like whatever I want. Right now it's singing; Slipknots duality. Like I think I can actually see faces on the wall, I think I can actually hear people saying things. It really sounds like there's a radio turned down low, or a concert happening in the distance.


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